Letting Everyone Wear Yeezy is Kanye’s Worst Revenge on "Them"

In 2013, Kanye West was interviewed by Shade 45 radio host Sway Calloway. When the two were talking about Kanye’s fashion ambitions, Sway suggested that he produce the Yeezy clothing line independently. Unexpectedly, Kanye broke the defense instantly and roared at Sway: “How Sway! You ain’t got the answers Sway!”

Today, it has been nearly ten years since the birth of this famous scene, and now Kanye is in a protracted dispute with adidas and GAP. Looking back at that interview now, I didn’t expect that Sway back then would actually be a prophecy, which seemed to foreshadow Kanye’s current situation.

Recently, Kanye, who was shrouded in many news, accepted an interview with “Good Morning American”, and Kanye finally admitted: “Sway had the answers!”

This “slap in the face” behavior not only expresses his disappointment and helplessness in the process of cooperation with adidas and GAP, but also confirms Kanye’s determination to operate Yeezy independently.

Speaking of Yeezy, the business empire built by Kanye, the ambition to change the rules of high fashion from the very beginning gradually turned into the vision of “everyone can wear Yeezy”, Yeezy follows Kanye’s mental journey, like a child General growth.

If Kanye wants to, he can use his own resources to cooperate with top fashion houses and designer brands as he did with Louis Vuitton before, but at the same time he also knows that the pricing and target customers of luxury brands will not let his own Fashion taste penetrates deeper and wider.

And adidas has become Kanye’s biggest springboard to realize his wish of “everyone wears Yeezy”, and they have indeed made Kanye’s design popular. We even believed that it was only a matter of time before everyone wore Yeezy.

From 2016 to 2026, signing a ten-year contract with adidas may be Kanye’s most correct decision, but now it has become the biggest obstacle in the tug-of-war between Kanye and adidas.

From the Nike x Off-White™ that appeared in Kanye’s shoe cabinet in 2018, to the release of a footstep on Air Jordan 1 in 2020, most people thought it was just Kanye’s daily “repair”.

But with the more frequent appearance of Nike on Kanye in the past two years, people can clearly feel that Kanye is injecting his own emotions into such rebellious behavior, and wearing Nike has become Kanye’s way of venting his dissatisfaction with adidas.

Until recently, after adidas launched Adilette 22 slippers and adiFom Q sneakers, Kanye broke out completely: “For the sake of sneaker culture, I will no longer support this blatant plagiarism!” The battle with adidas kicked off.

“Yeezy Foam and slippers have changed the industry”, and whether adidas really plagiarized Kanye’s design creativity this time is a matter of opinion, but in addition, Kanye publicly slammed adidas for holding Yeezy Day without his consent, changing colors at will, and naming shoes Acts such as money, etc., fired at the top management represented by adidas and vice president Daniel Cherry on the personal social platform.

Interspersed in Kanye’s indiscriminate attack, another partner, GAP, was not spared. First by claiming that GAP did not notify him when they held a meeting about YZY x GAP, then accusing GAP of stealing designs from a tripartite collaboration with Balenciaga.

In an online interview with CNBC recently, Kanye revealed that he had terminated the cooperation with GAP. As soon as this statement came out, GAP’s stock plummeted by 4% on the same day, and then the termination contract circulated on the Internet and GAP officially confirmed the matter, YZY GAP will still be on sale, but the second wave of products co-branded with Balenciaga may be the last series of Kanye and GAP.

At the same time, YZY GAP ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA’s global limited store plan is also underway. Kanye’s performance art of selling goods with trash cans and sacks is still going on. Recently, he has come to Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul to start the layout in Asia. 

Recently, YZY SHDZ sunglasses have also been frequently exposed under the leadership of Kanye, and the advertising blockbuster and Icon’s upper body have not fallen.

The exposure of YZY SHDZ coincided with Kanye’s announcement that he was ending his partnership with GAP, so Kanye revealed in an interview with Forbes that he planned to sell YZY SHDZ sunglasses at his Ye Supply store for $20. “When it’s sold in the U.S., it’s made in the U.S., and when it’s sold in China, it’s made in China, so it’s $20 for glasses and $20 for everything in the Ye Supply store.”

Kanye reiterated his desire for affordable clothing after his 10-year partnership with GAP ended: “We’re looking at how to make clothes free because life is free.”

“The GAP switch is on my meeting and it doesn’t take me, adidas remodeled my shoes…whatever you want to call me if you don’t understand why I don’t give up my business, my brand and my kids , then you are lunatics.”

In the past period of time, adidas and GAP allowed Kanye to see the future he dreamed of, and it also made us feel that the vision of “everyone has Yeezy wear” is within our reach, but with the disintegration of Kanye and the cooperation between the two, I don’t know if the current situation is accelerating or hindering the arrival of Yeezy’s day.

If the disputes with adidas and GAP have come to an end, then another project that Kanye has devoted himself to, Donda Academy, has once again caused him to fall into a storm of public opinion.

Kanye recently stated in an interview with the Alo Mind Full podcast that he “hasn’t read a single book”, so people began to criticize Kanye’s DONDA Academy: “A school opened by people who haven’t read a book, you will make Are your children going to study there?”

Although Kanye claims that the school has rich courses, strong teachers, and celebrities like Jaylen Brown visit from time to time, the atmosphere of less than 100 people and the simple environment, in this Donda Academy, which mainly cultivates art and imagination, Whether it can really allow children to integrate into society has been questioned by many parents.

The establishment of DONDA Academy seems to be exactly the same as the establishment of Yeezy Empire. Whether it is changing education or changing fashion, they all have a long way to go. It is undeniable that they are all choices made by Kanye in order to change the world. try.

“Everyone knows that I am the leader, I am the king, the king cannot live in someone else’s castle, the king must build his own castle.” Kanye has already proven himself in countless fields, and the world is his next goal.

For the vision of “everyone can wear Yeezy,” we see Yeezy, and he looks at “everyone.”


On-Foot Look at the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 "Jade Ash"

When Kanye West and adidas introduced the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 as the successor to the original adidas YEEZY BOOST 350, it seemed likely that a V3 may likely follow it. However, the adidas YEEZY squad has kept the V2 around as the line’s go-to everyday sneaker with alternates such as the CMPCT and 380 supporting it. For 2022, the silhouette has shown no sign of slowing down with new colorways and restocks throughout the year.

Now, following a first look at the colorway, the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Jade Ash” has surfaced on-foot. The iconic style returns with its Primeknit upper carrying a minty green hue that is contrasted by a black “SPLY-350” stripe on the lateral. Matching mint rope laces and a translucent sole enclosing a full-length BOOST unit rounds out the look.

A specific release date for the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Jade Ash” still has yet to be announced. For now, a November launch remains most likely at a price of $230 USD via adidas and select adidas YEEZY retailers. Take a closer look above and look for official images and a global release date to be shared in the coming weeks.

In other footwear news, the adidas YEEZY SLIDE has popped up in a “Granite” colorway that is slightly lighter in color than its “Onyx” predecessor.


Kanye West Hugs His Kids in Photo, Declares ‘These Future Leaders Will Never Back Down’

Kanye West keeps his kids in mind when making business decisions.

In the photo’s caption, the Yeezy founder hugged his four children — sons Psalm, 3, and Saint, 6, and daughters Chicago, 4, and North, 9 — West explained that he stayed The legacy to his children inspired his career decisions.

“Some things are more important than money,” he wrote. “My kids don’t know what Dad has been through the past few days alone to make sure the brand will be passed on to them someday, God willing.”

“These future leaders will never back down, be stolen, or be forced to compromise who they are,” he concluded.

West shares his four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

The comments came after West’s Instagram called out Adidas executives, accusing them of stealing his ideas and keeping him out of key meetings about products and plans.

West also took to social media to attack Adidas senior vice president Daniel Cherry III and other members of JPMorgan and Adidas’ executive committee, according to Highsnobiety.

During West’s feud with Adidas, some of his famous friends — including TI, Swizz Beatz and Diddy — have rallied around him to show their support, even boycotting the athletic brand. West, in particular, was supported by other black celebrities who specifically called for the brand to use West to advance its own agenda, rather than giving credit where it was due.

Adidas has yet to publicly acknowledge its feud with West. West, however, posted on social media this week that Adidas “doesn’t want to smoke anymore.” In the now-disappeared post, West promised that the Gap he had worked with would be on his list.

Earlier this summer, Kardashian shared a sketch of her eldest daughter’s Yeezy design in a series of photos posted to her Instagram Story, suggesting that at least one of their children must be interested in the fashion family business.

In one photo, North can be seen holding up her completed sketch on a piece of blue paper, wearing sunglasses that look like braids sticking out of the character’s mouth.

In a separate photo shared with the 41-year-old SKIMs founder’s story, a second sketch by North shows an alien-like figure, although the imaginative drawing is in every corner of the figure’s head. There are three braids on the sides, and what looks like a snake-shaped tongue coming out of the mouth.


Ye Confirms Donda Sports Athlete Aaron Donald’s YEEZY Cleats Are Coming Soon

As football fans prepare for the upcoming NFL season, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, teased an upcoming pair of YEEZY cleats with the Donda Sports star and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle.

In a video posted to Instagram, Yeh shared a conversation between himself and the Super Bowl champion about what to expect from the upcoming splint. Accompanied by the caption “YEEZY CLEATS COMING SOON SOON,” Donald explains in the video how the shoe he’s looking for is constructed and made,

“I need a little more – if it’s a soft material, my feet are wide and big. I want to be able to get my feet in there to do all the cutting and stuff so it doesn’t get all over the place. Material Something a little thicker. I’m in the trenches, so if I get stepped on something like that, my feet have to be wider because of my toe issues and stuff like that. Something that has to be durable, can last.”

Donald’s details show that the cleats need to be ready for high performance, emphasizing the durability of the shoe. Back in 2016, Ye was able to get some players including DeAndre Hopkins to wear the YEEZY 350 Cleats. However, Hopkins was later fined $6,000, and the shoe was banned by the NFL for violating uniform policy because the cleats didn’t have a “solid undertone.” With Donald’s latest announcement and teaser, Yeh seems ready to get back on the grill.

Donald became the first active athlete to sign with Dongda Sports in May, following news of Antonio Brown becoming the president of Dongda Sports. Images of the upcoming YEEZY cleats have yet to be released.

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Adidas CEO resigns, leaves early!

Do you still remember that after adidas launched the latest slippers adilette 22, Kanye couldn’t sit still and sent a message, angry that adidas copied Yeezy Sliders ?

And the golden sentence: these shoes are fake Yeezy made by adidas, Kasper please come and talk to me. Kasper Rorsted is the current CEO of adidas.

The point is, adidas just announced that Kasper will officially leave in 2023! Good guy, let Brother Ye spray it away… (joking)

Kasper has been in charge of the company since 2016, while Kanye started the Yeezy dynasty with adidas in 2015. The brothers have been colleagues one after the other, and have experienced ups and downs with adidas for 6 years.

Kasper has also made a lot of contributions in adidas. Not only help the company compete with another sports brand Nike, but also pull the performance of the younger brother Reebok.

As well as strategically repositioning the company and rapidly advancing digital transformation during his tenure. Under Kasper’s leadership, adidas has dramatically ramped up its digital capabilities and more than quintupled its online sales.

The departure of Kasper is also inseparable from the current performance. Affected by the epidemic, adidas’ stock market has been falling all the way this year, and a new leader who can turn the situation around is urgently needed.

Currently Kasper will continue to lead adidas in 2023, and until the right person to take his class. Here @Kanye, a wave of self-recommended competition?

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The conflict escalated, Ye angrily denounced adidas for holding YEEZY Day without permission

※YE claims that YEEZY Day is without its permission

Kanye expressed his dissatisfaction with adidas YEEZY Day yesterday, which is a festival created by adidas without permission, which is held every August and re-releases YEEZY shoes.

According to Complex, Kanye expressed his dissatisfaction in a private message: “adidas came up with the idea of YEEZY Day without my approval, and reproduced the old style; Named; Hired someone who worked for YEEZY without my approval; Stealed my colorway without my approval; Stealed my style and material method without my approval; Without my approval Hired the general manager of YEEZY.”

YEEZY 350 Turtle Dove re-enacted on YEEZY Day this year

In addition, Kanye also revealed: “Although adidas and Balenciaga cooperated, they deliberately slowed down the production speed of the new shoes that Demna and I developed for Gap, because adidas tried to suppress Gap, although my contract stipulated that I could Making loafers.”

“At first, I communicated with adidas that more YEEZY slides could be produced, but the GM (general manager) lied to me that they had no production capacity, but adidas secretly launched their own version of YEEZY slides, and now YEEZY has occupied 68% of adidas’s line. sales,” Kanye added.

YEEZY Day was first held in 2019, and Kanye waited until 2022 to speak about it, which seems to have been a long-standing complaint.

It is reported that Kanye and adidas have signed a new agreement, and the cooperation between the two parties will continue until 2026, but now the internal contradictions have escalated again, I wonder if it will have more impact on the follow-up cooperation?

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Air Yeezy 2’s tenth anniversary: sneakers may be re-enacted, but youth will not

I do not know since when, we have entered the “post-sneaker era”. . . . . .

When it comes to daily commuting or styling, it is no longer limited to traditional sneakers and sports shoes, from outdoor to fashion shoes. In the increasingly diversified choices, we seem to be slowly forgetting those “Sneakers” in the shoe cabinet”.

Even the transformation and remodeling of classic sneakers by major joint collaborations today is difficult to resonate with people after the heat has passed.

But there are always so few sneakers that symbolize classics and epoch-making significance. When I see them again, they can still set off a wave of inner waves. Ye’s Air Yeezy series must be included.

On June 9, 2012, Nike’s official social account announced the official sale of Air Yeezy 2, and this year, it is precisely the tenth anniversary of the release of this pair of shoes, which is regarded as the “peak” by countless players.

Ten years ago on June 9th, Air Yeezy 2 two color schemes: PURE PLATINUM and SOLAR RED were both sold at $245, and each color scheme was limited to 5,000 pairs. The first color matching has already been fired to sky-high prices, and until now they still have extremely high popularity and resale prices in the secondary market.

Until June 9 this year, which coincided with the tenth anniversary of the release of Air Yeezy 2, Nathan VanHook, the behind-the-scenes designer of Air Yeezy, also posted a manuscript of the design details of Air Yeezy 2 on social media, in order to miss this pair and let him do it in one fell swoop. famous sneakers.

The Air Yeezy 2 uses the outsole of the Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 in appearance, and the shoe body still uses the iconic strap design of the previous Air Yeezy.

The stitching of different materials also adds a lot of details to the Air Yeezy 2, especially the use of large-area snakeskin textured leather, which highlights the overall luxurious texture of the sneakers.

The pink lining and the color matching of the luminous sole, and the raised wave design at the heel will become the unique identity of Air Yeezy 2 in the future;

The design details such as the “God of the Sky” Horus on the tongue, the word “YZY” spelled out in hieroglyphs on the strap, and the shoelace buckle with the appearance of a square obelisk all reflect Ye’s belief in ancient Egyptian culture at that time. , with Ye’s strong personal style and design language.

After the release time of Air Yeezy 2 was announced, countless fans of Sneakerhead and Ye began to line up all night at the gates of major shoe stores for many days in advance. The sale attracted reports from mainstream news media such as CNN. Called “Nike’s most anticipated sneaker ever.”

The reason why Air Yeezy 2 is regarded as a classic is that it not only witnessed Ye’s glorious years, but also subtly changed Ye’s fashion style. Therefore, the influence of Air Yeezy 2 is not limited to the shoes themselves. The influence of Air Yeezy 2 is more reflected in street culture and trend culture.

The Air Yeezy 2’s debut can be traced back to 2011, when Ye co-produced with Kobe Bryant in the Nike promotional short “The Black Mamba.”

Although it is difficult to discern the specific details of the sneakers on Ye’s feet in the dark background of the short film, people at the time found that the silhouette of the shoes was not the same as the previous Air Yeezy, so the rumors of the Air Yeezy 2 began to ferment.

Until the Coachella Music Festival in the same year, on the third day of the performance, Ye, who was dressed in a classic red suit, was paired with the brand-new Air Yeezy 2 whose details have not yet been disclosed.

Since then, Ye has frequently used Air Yeezy 2 to promote its publicity. As another color scheme in the first release, “Pure Platinum” was worn by Ye for the first time at the MTV VMA awards ceremony. From the whole performance to the awarding ceremony with “Sister Fruit”, it is difficult for people to ignore Ye’s feet. The pair of new color matching Air Yeezy 2.

Whether it is at the performance of the Victoria’s Secret underwear show or in the “Watch The Throne” tour, Air Yeezy 2 has a very high appearance rate. It can be said that the exposure of the shoes before the release has been full.

At that time, almost all of Ye’s styles revolved around these shoes, and the same was true for the audience. Even when he just started dating Kim Kardashian, Ye couldn’t wait to let his girlfriend wear the Air Yeezy 2.

Nate Robinson wore it to appear in the NBA, Rihanna put it on the stage, and even the tennis king Federer could not escape this Air Yeezy 2 trend.

We all know what happened later. As the first Ye who signed a sneaker cooperation agreement with Nike as a non-athlete, he was dissatisfied that Nike only regarded him as a joint partner and could not get the same treatment as Jordan. It is precisely because Ye is not an athlete. Therefore, the two parties cannot reach an agreement on the payment of royalties.

So in 2013, the second year after the Air Yeezy 2 was released, the relationship between Ye and Nike came to an end, and he officially joined Adidas at the end of the year. Own Yeezy Empire.

I thought that the two pairs of Air Yeezy 2 in the first color matching would become Ye’s “swan song” in Nike. What people did not expect was that in 2014, Nike suddenly announced the Air Yeezy 2 “Red October (Red October)” which had experienced several delays. A limited release will be forthcoming.

So on February 9, the pair of “red coconuts” were all sold out within seconds of being launched, and Nike officials also issued a document announcing “Sold Out”.

Exaggerated red, Air Yeezy 2 looks different from traditional sneakers. “Red Coconut” completely pushes sneaker culture to its peak, and influences street trends in Ye’s drive. It is regarded by countless players as “god shoes” and The “God’s Work” of the Air Yeezy series.

Compared with other co-branded collaborations in the same period, “Red Coconut” seems to mark the arrival of an era: the growing rise of Hype culture and high-end streets, and the close connection between Sneakerhead and social media.

As the last shoe of Ye’s collaboration with Nike, and the swan song of the Air Yeezy series in the true sense, “Red Coconut” also witnessed the transformation of Ye’s fashion style, as well as the classic moments about Ye.

Which has to mention the “Yeezus” album. From the preheating of the lyrics in “Hold My Liquor” to the “Yeezus” tour, the whole process revolved around “Red Octobers”, Ye pushed “Red Coconut” to its peak, and this pair of shoes also happened to witness Ye’s glory time.

Celebrity moments related to “Red Coconut” are even more numerous:

Kylie Jenner

Kendrick Lamar

Justin Bieber

When I saw these blurry and distorted photos and their still slightly green faces, I suddenly realized that even these phenomenal “red coconuts” have been away from us for many years.

It all started in 2007, with Ye showing off his sneaker designs on Nike CEO Mark Parker’s private jet, and by 2009, after releasing his fourth studio album, “808s & Heartbreak,” he was crowned Billboard’s Best of the Year. The best male singer Ye and Nike started a legendary cooperation, so the first generation of Air Yeezy was born. Although more than ten years have passed, the six pairs of Air Yeezy left behind by people and people have become the Nike archives. Even a classic in the entire sneaker culture.

And now the relationship between Ye and adidas has become more and more subtle. From the public wearing of Nike sneakers earlier, to the accusation of adidas plagiarizing their own ideas, the confusing relationship between the two parties can not help but make people speculate about Ye’s next move.

Perhaps in this uncertainty, it is not impossible to return to Nike, and by then, the re-enactment of Air Yeezy may be a dream come true, and even the various Sample colors that are widely circulated about Air Yeezy 2. may also become a reality.

Entering the post-sneaker era, we seem to seldom pay attention to how many generations of Air Jordan have been updated, and gradually become numb to the Yeezy palette-style release. The days of dreaming about all kinds of sneakers have also passed for a long time;

Just like CLOT’s “Kiss of Death” in 2006 to “Red Silk” in 2009 is still classic, but now it’s just a look at the sneaker information about which shoe CLOT is co-branded with and what traditional elements it uses. . . . . .

Perhaps it was because there was no channel to buy or enough spending power to realize the dream, but at that time, just looking at the release information and the event scene was enough to be emotional.

Even so, I still can’t forget what Teacher Chen said: I like a pair of shoes, not because the Internet says how much those shoes are worth, but for yourself, are those shoes handsome? cool? Does it match the clothes you own? We should not look at the current software and say how much it is worth. That is stock. We should do it for the sake of culture and ourselves. . . . . .

The memories of the past are beautiful, and the likes of the present are equally important.

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North West is slowly but surely reaching icon status at the tender age of 9.

Kim Kardashian flaunted her eldest daughter’s design sketches for Kanye’s Yeezy line on her Instagram stories Friday, sharing some out-of-this-world ideas.

In one picture of the recent design studio visit, North admires her work — an alien-like figure drawn on light blue fabric, equipped with black shades and a braid sticking out like a tongue.

Another sketch can be seen peeking out behind that one with the same type of alien figure, embellished with braids coming out its head.

A second post of the talented North’s artwork offers a better view of the braided alien sketch, with what seems to be a snake-like tongue coming out its mouth.

A third picture Kardahsian shared appears to be North modeling the very glasses in her sketch, which are actually part of her dad’s collection, the YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ.

“NORTH SKETCHES @YEEZY,” the reality TV star captioned the pics.

However, this isn’t North’s first artistic prowess.

During a February video tour of the Kardashian’s Calabasas home for Vogue, the mother of four proudly showed off some of the impressive pieces North has gifted her mom along the years.

She exhibits the skillful works, as she describes what they are, until one self-portrait catches the eye. A charcoal sketch North created looks identical to the sketches she made of the alien-like figures for Yeezy.

“Recently, North stayed home and had COVID, so this is her drawing that she did in her room,” Kardashian reveals. “It’s a charcoal. Maybe that was just her emo mood. So I love seeing like the personality, and the moods, and everything that she goes through, and is feeling, it’s really been an amazing hobby of hers.”

North recently made headlines after her visit to Paris Fashion Week alongside mom, where she seemingly stole the show not only for her evocative style — specifically the matching nose chains with her mom at the Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture fall/winter 2022–23 show — but for calling out paparazzi for getting on her nerves.

Move aside mom and dad, North is THAT girl.

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A picture to understand! How many adidas Yeezys has Kanye designed in total?

Seven years ago, Kanye turned to join the adidas camp after he terminated his contract with Nike.

Seven years later, the Yeezy empire jointly created by Kanye and adidas has spread all over the world.

Looking at the current popular shoes, Air Jordan and Yeezy each account for half of the country.

However, the success of the Air Jordan series is due to the re-enactment of classic shoes, but the Yeezy series is a modern style shoe created by Kanye.

Kanye’s outstanding fashion sense and trend-setting ability can be seen from this! Adidas signing Kanye is also a very clear choice!

More importantly, while fulfilling the promise of “everyone has Yeezy”, Kanye continues to maintain the popularity of Yeezy in the market. In today’s global sneaker market, such strength is probably unique.

Just this morning, the well-known sneaker account yeezyseason2 summed up all adidas Yeezy shoe styles from 2015 to 2020 with a picture.

How did Kanye and his Yeezy sneakers reach the top of the fashion pyramid step by step? Let’s review together!

But behind these 17 pairs of Yeezy sneakers, Kanye’s huge Yeezy empire obviously makes us more curious!

How many pairs of Yeezy sneakers have you bought this year?

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Kanye West and Yeezy

Yeezy is one of the most popular trendy shoes at the moment, and the popularity has always been very high. When it comes to yeezy, I have to mention a person Kanye, Kanye and coconut shoes often appear side by side. So what does Kanye have to do with Yeezy?

Kanye’s talent and influence are not limited to the rap circle. His main Yeezy has become a trendy cultural symbol. Kanye is the first rapper to have a shoe line of his own design, and Yeezy’s popularity can even rival Jordan Band.

Is Yeezy a Kanye brand?

Yeezy is a brand jointly launched by Kanye and Adidas. This is a branch brand of Adidas and a personal trend brand launched by Kanye.
Kanye was also the first non-athlete to release his own signature Nike shoe, the Air Yeezy, which debuted in 2009, followed by the Air Yeezy 2 in 2012. In 2014, Kanye signed with Adidas and launched the first Yeezy Boost 750 “Grey”” 2015, followed by more styles including adidas Yeezy Boost 350, Yeezy 950, Yeezy Boost 700, Yeezy 500, Yeezy Boost 380, Yeezy Slide, Yeezy Foam Runner, Yeezy 450, Yeezy 1050, Yeezy Knit Runner.

What is the relationship between Kanye and Yeezy?

Kanye is a famous American singer and producer. He has produced high-quality records for many big-name stars, so he is respected by many people. At the same time, Kanye is also the inventor of yeezy shoes. In fact, Kanye and Nike have cooperated to launch yeezy shoes before. However, because of a disagreement between Kanye and Nike, he finally parted ways with Nike and went to his competitor Adidas. Coconut shoes are the best gift Kanye gave to Adidas.

Is Yeezy a running shoe?

Yeezy shoes are mainly casual shoes, but yeezy also has running shoes and basketball shoes, depending on the style. The positioning of yeezy itself is the trend of running shoes, which is more inclined to the trend field, and the price is relatively expensive.