The conflict escalated, Ye angrily denounced adidas for holding YEEZY Day without permission

※YE claims that YEEZY Day is without its permission

Kanye expressed his dissatisfaction with adidas YEEZY Day yesterday, which is a festival created by adidas without permission, which is held every August and re-releases YEEZY shoes.

According to Complex, Kanye expressed his dissatisfaction in a private message: “adidas came up with the idea of YEEZY Day without my approval, and reproduced the old style; Named; Hired someone who worked for YEEZY without my approval; Stealed my colorway without my approval; Stealed my style and material method without my approval; Without my approval Hired the general manager of YEEZY.”

YEEZY 350 Turtle Dove re-enacted on YEEZY Day this year

In addition, Kanye also revealed: “Although adidas and Balenciaga cooperated, they deliberately slowed down the production speed of the new shoes that Demna and I developed for Gap, because adidas tried to suppress Gap, although my contract stipulated that I could Making loafers.”

“At first, I communicated with adidas that more YEEZY slides could be produced, but the GM (general manager) lied to me that they had no production capacity, but adidas secretly launched their own version of YEEZY slides, and now YEEZY has occupied 68% of adidas’s line. sales,” Kanye added.

YEEZY Day was first held in 2019, and Kanye waited until 2022 to speak about it, which seems to have been a long-standing complaint.

It is reported that Kanye and adidas have signed a new agreement, and the cooperation between the two parties will continue until 2026, but now the internal contradictions have escalated again, I wonder if it will have more impact on the follow-up cooperation?

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