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Raid warning! Kanye fights back against Adi? The mysterious countdown to Yeezy Day is exposed…

Kanye is going to do something again…

Just two days ago, I just sprayed my boss adidas in a private message, complaining that Yeezy Day was not approved by myself.

As a result, Ye Zige not only said hi, but also launched a new website with the domain name!

And on Yeezy Day, the words “Coming soon” began to appear on the website. It is obvious that it is a temporary patchwork, and the entire website is a whiteboard, without even a name…

So this wave is also continuing to complain about adidas? Or is the music project about to raid again?

Aside from Ye Zige’s personal grievances, there are quite a few small moves recently. First, and his legal team have submitted the trademark application for “YZYSPLY” on June 29.

The document states that the YZYSPLY trademark will be used in retail stores, online ordering services and online retail store services. That is to say, Ye Zige has opened the first step of the YEEZY physical store!

Then it was revealed that its subsidiary company Mascotte Holdings registered a new trademark pattern on July 21, which was designed as a double-circle ring, and the inner and outer circles were presented in an arc and a zigzag shape. This time I finally have nothing to do with Walmart…

All kinds of signs, coupled with Ye’s completely freewheeling style of acting, it is very likely that he will have to hold back a big move. Well, let’s wait and see…

Of course, it could also be a collaborative act.

What do you think?

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