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Let’s take a look at the exaggerated YEEZY GAP “hypermarket”

YEEZY GAP brings “unconventional” retail experience to stores

The YEEZY GAP collection, which GAP collaborated with Kanye West, debuted at the GAP Times Square store, and the special in-store consumption experience attracted attention on social media. It can be seen that in the almost pitch-black space, the clothes are not neatly displayed in the usual way, but are stacked in large black plastic bags that are about to overflow, and customers are choosing clothes in a slightly crowded space. This unique consumer experience has been described in the news as “pragmatism” and is planned to be replicated in select GAP stores across the United States.

There was also a demonstration of the YEEZY GAP video game, a “virtual gaming experience designed by Demna” that allowed users to customize their avatars and dress them up with black masks and YEEZY GAP costumes designed by BALENCIAGA. After setting the avatar, the player can use the motion sensor on the mobile phone to control the avatar to soar in the sky, collecting pigeons along the way to increase the height.

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