Have you ever seen Yeezy sofa! Netizen: This sitting must be very soft!

The picture of Kanye‘s “Yeezy Empire” is believed to be quite familiar to all of you.

Kanye also used practical actions to gradually fulfill his previous promise of “everyone who wants Yeezys will get them”.

When I was browsing social media recently, I found that it seems that not everyone who wants Yeezy wants to wear it on their feet or put it in the shoe cabinet, like this old brother Cho from Los Angeles.

65 Yeezy shoes were used to create a “Yeezy sofa”.

As for why it is “only”, because these Yeezys were donated by a friend who opened a shoe store, and the other one was used as a display shoe.

Take a closer look, the shoe type coverage is quite complete, Yeezy 350 V2, 380, 500, 700, 700 V2… What are the colors you are familiar with?

It can be said that there is no waste of materials, whether it is shoelaces or heel loops, they are all arranged clearly.

It also attracted an official reply from adidas Originals.

By the way, the editor did some research. Utopia, founded by this old brother Cho, is committed to creating various works of art with various old products. The categories involved range from clothing accessories, home furnishing, to interior decoration. There are also various units that have cooperated before. A big name in the field, a proper expert! Friends who are interested in this can also go to find out.

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