Adidas CEO resigns, leaves early!

Do you still remember that after adidas launched the latest slippers adilette 22, Kanye couldn’t sit still and sent a message, angry that adidas copied Yeezy Sliders ?

And the golden sentence: these shoes are fake Yeezy made by adidas, Kasper please come and talk to me. Kasper Rorsted is the current CEO of adidas.

The point is, adidas just announced that Kasper will officially leave in 2023! Good guy, let Brother Ye spray it away… (joking)

Kasper has been in charge of the company since 2016, while Kanye started the Yeezy dynasty with adidas in 2015. The brothers have been colleagues one after the other, and have experienced ups and downs with adidas for 6 years.

Kasper has also made a lot of contributions in adidas. Not only help the company compete with another sports brand Nike, but also pull the performance of the younger brother Reebok.

As well as strategically repositioning the company and rapidly advancing digital transformation during his tenure. Under Kasper’s leadership, adidas has dramatically ramped up its digital capabilities and more than quintupled its online sales.

The departure of Kasper is also inseparable from the current performance. Affected by the epidemic, adidas’ stock market has been falling all the way this year, and a new leader who can turn the situation around is urgently needed.

Currently Kasper will continue to lead adidas in 2023, and until the right person to take his class. Here @Kanye, a wave of self-recommended competition?

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