A picture to understand! How many adidas Yeezys has Kanye designed in total?

Seven years ago, Kanye turned to join the adidas camp after he terminated his contract with Nike.

Seven years later, the Yeezy empire jointly created by Kanye and adidas has spread all over the world.

Looking at the current popular shoes, Air Jordan and Yeezy each account for half of the country.

However, the success of the Air Jordan series is due to the re-enactment of classic shoes, but the Yeezy series is a modern style shoe created by Kanye.

Kanye’s outstanding fashion sense and trend-setting ability can be seen from this! Adidas signing Kanye is also a very clear choice!

More importantly, while fulfilling the promise of “everyone has Yeezy”, Kanye continues to maintain the popularity of Yeezy in the market. In today’s global sneaker market, such strength is probably unique.

Just this morning, the well-known sneaker account yeezyseason2 summed up all adidas Yeezy shoe styles from 2015 to 2020 with a picture.

How did Kanye and his Yeezy sneakers reach the top of the fashion pyramid step by step? Let’s review together!

But behind these 17 pairs of Yeezy sneakers, Kanye’s huge Yeezy empire obviously makes us more curious!

How many pairs of Yeezy sneakers have you bought this year?

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