Yeezy Slides "Bone" Color Matching Will Be On Sale Again, The Premium Is Not Low!

With Yeezy SLIDE “Resin” confirming the replenishment news, “Bone”, which is a popular color scheme recently, will also be confirmed to return. It is expected that large-scale replenishment will be carried out in Europe and the United States in the next two weeks, and the US region will be scheduled for October 7. On sale.

Since its release in 2020, with its outstanding color matching design, it has been loved by many men and women in summer wear.

The fresh and versatile color scheme of bone white has also made “Bone” sought after by many fans. Bright colors also make it more likely to get a super high rate of return when you go out on the street.

At present, the Yeezy Slide of this earth color system has experienced ups and downs after a wave of replenishment in 2022, but replenishment is always the most comfortable!

At present, the specific replenishment release details have not been disclosed. More detailed pictures are attached below. If you like it, please continue to pay attention. We will also bring you the latest release information as soon as possible.



Style Code:FZ5897

Restock Date:10-7-2022

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