This Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Citrin is a very popular colorway, which means there are plenty of quality knockoffs on the market too. Read on to learn how to spot a real pair.

Labels are a great place to start, as the craftsmanship of Yeezy labels makes them difficult to replicate. First, check the font used. In this case, the registered trademark symbol on the replica label touches the Adidas “s”, which shouldn’t be on the genuine product. The horizontal line below the country code is also too close to the letters, and the forward slash used in “1/2” is too straight. All newer tags (for versions after 2019) no longer use this straightforward slash. True forward slashes are slightly curved.

The spacing between “M” and “A” and “A” and “D” in MADE is also inconsistent on copy labels. When the space between “M” and “A” is greater than the space between “A” and “D” on the real label, they are even numbers. This detail is often overlooked and only applies to the 2018-2020 labels.

This imitation insole is almost identical to the real shoe. Unlike the Air Jordan, the stitching on the Yeezy insole starts at the heel and doesn’t follow any particular pattern. Most colorways have random stitching, this replica is too neat by comparison. The Boost graphic on the replica doesn’t blend as well with the insole, though the bottom line is pretty close.

This replica shoebox has several inconsistencies. For example, the numbers in the barcode are too far apart, and the barcode is printed too close to the left border. Yeezy shoe boxes sometimes come with a replica style label, but only for the Made in India version. This is marketed as a shoebox made in China, which means the replica uses the wrong design layout. Finally, the “Y” in “Yeezy” on the real shoe box is closer to the vertical line below.

Depending on where they are manufactured, Yeezys may have conflicting certification standards and reference points.

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