Ye Confirms Donda Sports Athlete Aaron Donald’s YEEZY Cleats Are Coming Soon

As football fans prepare for the upcoming NFL season, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, teased an upcoming pair of YEEZY cleats with the Donda Sports star and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle.

In a video posted to Instagram, Yeh shared a conversation between himself and the Super Bowl champion about what to expect from the upcoming splint. Accompanied by the caption “YEEZY CLEATS COMING SOON SOON,” Donald explains in the video how the shoe he’s looking for is constructed and made,

“I need a little more – if it’s a soft material, my feet are wide and big. I want to be able to get my feet in there to do all the cutting and stuff so it doesn’t get all over the place. Material Something a little thicker. I’m in the trenches, so if I get stepped on something like that, my feet have to be wider because of my toe issues and stuff like that. Something that has to be durable, can last.”

Donald’s details show that the cleats need to be ready for high performance, emphasizing the durability of the shoe. Back in 2016, Ye was able to get some players including DeAndre Hopkins to wear the YEEZY 350 Cleats. However, Hopkins was later fined $6,000, and the shoe was banned by the NFL for violating uniform policy because the cleats didn’t have a “solid undertone.” With Donald’s latest announcement and teaser, Yeh seems ready to get back on the grill.

Donald became the first active athlete to sign with Dongda Sports in May, following news of Antonio Brown becoming the president of Dongda Sports. Images of the upcoming YEEZY cleats have yet to be released.

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