The Sky-High “Dark Warrior” Confirms the Replenishment! Yeezy 350 Release Date Update

Although the relationship between Adidas and Ye is very delicate at present, YEEZY‘s new models and replenishment have not stopped, and the sale is still going on.

After Turtle Dove was released this year, the YEEZY 350 series will return with a double pound next year!

Today, we updated the 350 “Pirate Black” in kind overseas. Like the previous leak, this replenishment is not much different from the OG version. It is still the familiar combination of black and gray textures. The red lines of the shoe are also retained. The shoe box should be It will be the same as this year’s Turtle Dove.

And the new production date appeared on the previously exposed shoe box, so this time the replenishment was basically hammered.

At present, YEEZY 350 PIRATE BLACK is expected to be released in early 2023. Will you choose to buy it?

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